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Valid Contact Information

The official website links published in the app. I am sharing the popular Urdu news website links, I am not the owner of this I am just sharing the popular news site links.


  • Name: Kashmir Uzma
    Owner(s): Kashmir Communications Pvt Ltd
    E-Mail id: editor@greaterkashmir.com
    Phone: +91-194- 2455435
    Official Website link: https://www.kashmiruzma.net/
  • Name: The Inquilab
    Owner(s): Mid-Day Infomedia Ltd
    E-Mail id: inquilab@mid-day.com
    Phone: +91-022 33284800
    Official Website link: https://www.inquilab.com/
  • Name: Indian Etemaad
    Owner(s): Burhanuddin Owaisi
    E-Mail id: etemaaddaily@gmail.com
    Phone: +(91)- 40-65993333
    Official Website link: https://www.etemaaddaily.com/
  • Name: Qaumi Tanzeem
    Owner(s): Qaumi Tanzeem Publication Private Limited
    E-Mail id: qtdpatna1@gmail.com
    Phone: 9431479747
    Official Website link: https://qaumitanzeem.com
  • Name: Sahafat
    Owner(s): Aman Abbas
    E-Mail id: sahafaturdu@gmail.com
    Phone: +91 522 4155330
    Official Website link: http://www.sahafat.in/
  • Name: The Siasat Daily
    Owner(s): Siasat Press
    E-Mail id: contact@siasat.com
    Phone: +91-40-24744180
    Official Website link: https://www.siasat.com/
  • Name: The Munsif Daily
    Owner(s): Khan Lateef Khan
    E-Mail id: contact@munsifdaily.in
    Phone: +91-40-66660005
    Official Website link: https://munsifdaily.in/
  • Name: Hamara Samaj
    Owner(s): Hamara SamajĀ  News Media
    E-Mail id: hamarasamaj@gmail.com
    Phone: 011 43028676
    Official Website link: http://hamarasamajdaily.com/
    Owner(s): Late Aziz Khusro
    E-Mail id: aurangabadtimes@gmail.com
    Phone: 7410030391
    Official Website link: www.aurangabadtimes.net
  • Name: Mumbai Urdu news
    Owner(s): Mumbai Urdunews Media group
    E-Mail id: info@mumbaiurudnews.com
    Phone: 23054433
    Official Website link: www.mumbaiurdunews.com
  • Name: SahilOnline
    Owner(s): SahilOnline Media house
    E-Mail id: contact@sahilonline.net
    Phone: 083852 23252
    Official Website link: https://www.sahilonline.net/
  • Name: Taasir
    Owner(s): Dr. Mohammad Gauhar
    E-Mail id: taasirurdudaily@gmail.com
    Phone: +91-9431025219
    Official Website link: https://taasir.com
  • Name: Anware Qaum
    Owner(s): M/S Khiram Publications
    E-Mail id: anwar.e.qaum@gmail.com
    Phone: 8756561055
    Official Website link: http://anwareqaum.com/
  • Name: Sahafi-e-Deccan
    Owner(s): S.D.N. Saber
    E-Mail id: Sahafiedeccan@gmail.com
    Official Website link: https://sahafiedeccan.com/
  • Name: Sachki Awaz
    Owner(s): Syed Faisal Ali
    E-Mail id: pnnawazurdu@gmail.com
    Phone: 0120-4165786
    Official Website link: www.sachkiawaz.com.com
  • Name: Avadhnama
    Owner(s): Avadhnama Group of Publications
    E-Mail id: avadhnama@gmail.com
    Phone: +91 9415018288
    Official Website link: https://epaper.avadhnama.com