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Valid Contact Information

The official website links published in the app. I am sharing the popular Kannada news website links, I am not the owner of this I am just sharing the popular news site links.


  • Name: Hosa Digantha
    Owner(s): Vinayak Bhat Muroor
    E-Mail id: hdonlinedesk@gmail.com
    Official Website link: https://epaper.hosadigantha.com


  • Name:- Kannada Prabha
    Owner(s): Express Network Private Limited
    E-Mail id: kponline@kannadaprabha.com
    Phone: +91-80-22866893
    Official Website link:- https://www.kannadaprabha.com


  • Name:- Mysooru Mithra
    Owner(s): K. B. Ganapathy
    E-Mail id: news@mysurumithra.com
    Phone:  0821 249 6520
    Official Website link:- https://mysurumithra.com


  • Name:- Praja Pragathi
    Owner(s): S. Naganna
    E-Mail id: news@prajapragathi.com
    Phone: 9845081987
    Official Website link:- https://prajapragathi.com/


  • Name:- Prajavani
    Owner(s): The Printers (Mysore) Private Limited
    E-Mail id: nagarajm@prajavani.co.in
    Phone: +91 80 45557232
    Official Website link:- https://www.prajavani.net


  • Name:- Samyukta
    Owner(s): Loka Shikshana trust
    E-Mail id: contactinfo@mediologysoftware.com
    Phone: +91-9868599779
    Official Website link:- http://www.samyukthakarnataka.com


  • Name:- Sanjevani
    Owner(s): B.S.Mani
    E-Mail id: contact@sanjevani.com
    Official Website link:- https://www.sanjevani.com


  • Name:- Suddimoola
    Owner(s): Suddimoola Publishers India Ltd.
    E-Mail id: sudeer@erelego.com
    Phone: (08532) 235730
    Official Website link:- http://epaper.suddimoola.com/


  • Name:- Udayavani
    Owner(s): Manipal Media Network Ltd.
    E-Mail id: feedback@manipalmedia.com
    Phone: 1800 425 5234
    Official Website link:- https://www.udayavani.com


  • Name:- Vartha Bharati
    Owner(s): Abdussalam Puthige
    E-Mail id: news@varthabharati.in
    Phone: 0824 2434767
    Official Website link:- https://www.varthabharati.in/


  • Name:- Vijayavani
    Owner(s): VRL Group
    E-Mail id: sudeer@erelego.com
    Official Website link:- http://epapervijayavani.in/


  • Name:- Vijaya Karnataka
    Owner(s): The Times Group
    E-Mail id: vkonline@timesinternet.in
    Official Website link:- https://vijaykarnataka.com