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  • Name: The Amruta Dunia
    Owner(s): Uchhab Multimedia and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
    E-Mail id: amrutadunia@gmail.com
    Phone: +91 – 9040005085
    Official Website link: http://www.amrutadunia.org/
  • Name: The Pioneer
    Owner(s): CMYK Printech Ltd
    E-Mail id: webpioneerarticles@gmail.com
    Phone: 0120-4879800
    Official Website link: https://www.dailypioneer.com
  • Name: Sambad
    Owner(s): Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
    E-Mail id: sambadadvt@sambad.in
    Phone: (0674) 254 8902
    Official Website link: https://sambadepaper.com/
  • Name: The Samaja
    Owner(s): Lok Sevak Mandal
    E-Mail id: printer_publisher@samaja.in
    Phone: (0671) 2301994
    Official Website link: https://samajaepaper.in/
  • Name: Dinalipi
    Owner(s): Surya Media Pvt. Ltd.
    E-Mail id: dinalipinews@gmail.com
    Phone: +91 674 2563778
    Official Website link: https://www.dinalipi.com/
  • Name: Odisha Bhaskar
    Owner(s): Madhu Mohanty
    E-Mail id: odishabhaskarweb@gmail.com
    Phone: 6372217964
    Official Website link: https://odishabhaskar.com/
  • Name: Odisha news nitidin
    Owner(s): Newage Media & Publications Private Limited (NAMPPL),
    E-Mail id: info@nitidin.com
    Phone: 674 258 1886
    Official Website link:
  • Name: Pragativadi
    Owner(s): Pradyumna Bal
    E-Mail id: pragativadi@gmail.com
    Phone: 0674-258-8297
    Official Website link: https://pragativadi.com/
  • Name: Surya Prava
    Owner(s): Surya Prava Media
    E-Mail id: newsuryaprava@gmail.com
    Phone: 0674-2575726
    Official Website link: https://suryaprava.co.in/
  • Name: Swadhikar
    Owner(s): Swadhikar news Media
    Phone: (0674) 2533445
    E-Mail id: swadhikar.news@gmail.com
    Official Website link: www.swadhikar.in
  • Name: Seithoarambha
    Owner(s): Mr. Subhendu Das
    E-Mail id: seithuarambha@gmail.com
    Phone: 06782-266998
    Official Website link: http://seithoarambha.com/
  • Name: Orissa Dairy
    Owner(s): Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Parida
    E-Mail id: orissadiary@gmail.com
    Phone: 09899418992
    Official Website link: https://orissadiary.com/